This woman names newborn ‘Storm,’ who enters the world as Irma ploughs into Florida! Just amazing story!

As the state of Florida braces for the arrival of Hurricane Irma, one Floridan is embracing an arrival of her own. On Saturday, the Miami-Dade Police Department shared a photo of “baby Nayiri Storm” — a newborn welcomed to the world hours before the category 3 storm’s life-threatening 125 mph winds and 12-18 inch rainfall is expected to hit the 305.

Helping even the smallest of Floridians, police worked to transport the Miami area’s newest arrival from a local hospital to a hotel. At the critical point in time when Hurricane Irma barrelled into Florida, one woman, who had no choice but to flee her home to stay safe, suddenly went into labor. It was on this fateful day that she decided to give her newborn the middle name “Storm.” Congratulations to this Miami-area family on the arrival of their new bundle of joy!

When an estimated 6.3 million people were evacuated in anticipation of Hurricane Irma, one Key West woman, Cara Kesling, gave birth to a baby girl, while fleeing Florida to Miami-Dade with her husband.

The baby girl, named “baby Nayiri Storm,” was delivered amidst Floridians’ preparation ahead of the Category 3 storm with winds of 125 mph, at Baptist Hospital in Kendall. “Welcome to Nayiri Storm Kesling, who was born last night on Sept. 7 at Baptist Hospital in Miami, Florida. 6 lbs, 13 oz. Nayiri is an Armenian name,” shared Susan Kesling Rogers in a Facebook post.

On Saturday, the Miami-Dade police helped transport baby Storm and her family from a local hospital to a nearby Aloft hotel, where they would be waiting out the storm. “So far so good for the Keslings in the hotel south of Miami. They were escorted to the hotel by the Miami Dade police. Baby has been nursing and sleeping, thank goodness,” Susan wrote.

The Miami-Dade Police Department tweeted the baby’s photo with the caption: “Welcome to the world baby Nayiri Storm! Glad our officers were able to assist the family safely from hospital to hotel. #PerfectName.”

“Wow congrats, and great work Miami PD!” a Twitter user replied. “Thank you, MDP, from the family of Nayiri Storm. We live in Mich and Ohio. Felt helpless knowing of the danger but unable to help for afar,” another wrote.