God Steps In Not Once Or Twice, But Three Times To Save This Woman From Death.

Miracles do happen! Never doubt that God is unable to heal, deliver, restore, or set free because he did it for Lorraine and her mother Emily. It all started in August 2006 when Emily experienced a sharp pain, it was so strong she believed it was cooming from the heart. Lorraine quickly rushed her mum to the emergency room where a cardiac catheterization test was performed.

During the test, Emily’s heart stopped beating. After 10 minutes of struggling, doctors were able to finally revive her. She had a pulse again and was eventually stabilized. Although Emily was alive again, the results of the test revealed grim news; Emily will not make it. A doctor told Lorraine her mum has a torn aorta. There was nothing we can do for her. It was a death sentence. Lorraine was not ready to give up on her faith, she called her family to the hospital where they could pray together for Emily’s recovery.

It is never easy for any child to witness the death of a parent. To lose the person who raised you, looked after you, and who loved you the most in the world is a sadness that cannot be measured. Lorraine was not prepared to let her mother go. Emily was taken to the University of Iowa hospital. When Lorraine pulled up a few minutes after, she noticed a car at the parking lot with the letters Y.H.W.H. on its license plate. YHWH is God’s intimate name, and after seeing the license plate, Lorraine says she felt a divine presence around her. She knew He was there and watching over Emily.


With faith on her side, Lorraine waited patiently as the doctors at the university hospital conducted new cauterization tests to confirm what the previous doctors had found. After extensive testing, they came to Lorraine with their findings. They said, “We’ve done all the tests that we could and there is no torn aorta.” Lorraine was shocked with the results. What was there a couple of hours ago seems to have completely vanished. She said, “Anything that came out, it was all God.”

However, Emily was not in the clear just yet. The fresh tests revealed that an artery close to her heart had a 90 percent blockage. Doctors quickly rushed Emily into surgery so they could place a stent at the site of the blockage, but when they were about to conduct the procedure, they were surprised to see that the blockage had also completely disappeared.

Lorraine was overjoyed with the results. She knew it was God’s doing. He healed the torn aorta. He removed the blockage. Doctors, however, expressed their worries on another issue. Emily was gone for full ten minutes at the previous hospital. Doctors explained to Lorraine that they were unsure of Emily’s brain function. It was unclear if she would have complete brain function after she woke up from the surgery. Emily woke up the following morning and attempted to communicate with Lorraine through sign language.

It was a miracle that Emily showed no signs of any kind of brain damage. Mother and daughter say that they only have God to thank for being able to endure the harrowing experience. Speaking of her side of the story, Emily said, “I know I was touched by God, and I think when He touches you can’t even explain it. It would have been fine with me had I gone that night, but I didn’t and the Lord had something else in store, and I felt fabulous.

Today, Emily continues living a healthy life after her triple miracle. Although there are some questions regarding what happened that night, but Lorraine knows that God was with them and helped them through the experience.