God Put This On My Heart To Share This Thank You Jesus! (Testimony).

By God, I shall spend the rest of my life getting my heart back, healing and forgetting every scar you put upon me when I was a child. The first move I ever made, after the cradle, was to crawl for the door, and every move I have made since has been an effort to escape.

I pray that every person I love will listen to this message. So many times when I pray for those I love, especially those I love that aren’t living for Christ I feel so much like this man. When I pray for my children I feel like this man. This is such a wonderful example of the love that the father has for each and every one of us and the love of the Father when we turn from our sin is indescribable!

May God continue to give you strength to tell your testimony, and being obedient. May God continue to bless your family, your children and every heart you have touch. Everyone who may not know I pray they see this. I once heard this at my church. ” God does not call the qualified, God qualifies the call. We are disciples of Jesus. God bless you. In Jesus name Amen❤❤❤

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