When his father-soldier walks into the room, this young man breaks down in front of his entire school!

This soldier dad from South Carolina was deployed in Afghanistan, he decided to surprise his sons with an early homecoming and here is the touching moment, the soldier dad surprises his sons at school. Hunter Dodd is the leader of his school’s ROTC battalion.

Leading his battalion to a national competition, young Hunter has a lot to be proud of! But, the one thing he is most proud of is a person: His father, Staff Sergeant Christopher Page. Page was deployed to Afghanistan for a year; missing his sons national competition. Hunter didn’t care about what his Father missed, he simply missed having his father at home! After Hunter and his battalion returned from their competition, the school held an award ceremony for them. Moving down the line the ROTC commander presented each ROTC member with a medal and a round of applause.

When he got to Hunter, however, the commander stopped; he felt that someone else needed to present hunter with his medal. Hunter then turned around to see his father walking toward him; back on early leave from his deployment, Sergeant Page was there to honor his son! Immediately the tears began to flow and Hunter flung himself into his father’s arms!

In that moment Hunter didn’t care who saw him cry. In that moment Hunter didn’t need a medal; he had his father back! That’s why war is not the answer… Fighting for other peoples money and power… These dads should have stayed home all along.

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