Angel Of Fire Caught On Tape Flying In Israel!!

A bus full of Christian Brazilians embark on a pilgrimage tour to the motherland of Jerusalem, Israel. Little did they know as they were leaving Mount Caramel and making their way to the house of Obed Edom that God was going to reveal to them a glorious miracle -a flaming Angel!As they ride down the road moving fast the Angel all of the sudden appears flying along side their bus.

Realizing what was happening a man quickly pulls out his phone and starts recording! The Angel flies in front of the bus from one side of the street to the other as if it was leading the way. It’s truly a sign of protection and guidance from the Angel. The excited believers aboard the bus scream “hallelujah” and glorify God as they witness the incredible event unfolding right before their very eyes.

It’s amazing how so many people have cameras these days and more and more Angels are being caught on tape. In fact many Angels have specifically been caught on camera in Israel and this just happened to be one of the coolest, unclose and personal videos to date.